Holiday rental and restaurant in Corbara - Corsica

Sale of local products

Le Patio - Casa Mucchielli offers a range of local and artisanal products to be discovered and/or purchased on site. These include food products (homemade jams, artisanal charcuterie, cheeses, honeys, perfumed olive oils, etc.) but also essential oils and hydrolats made from local vegetation.

Here are some of our partners

The Mannei charcuterie in Bocognano (since 1903)

Manufactures traditional and PDO farmhouse charcuterie from free-range pigs.

Julien Fauconnier's organic essential oils and hydrolats

Immortelle, Eucalyptus, lavender, laurel, rosemary, juniper, carrot, fennel, myrtle, laricio bread, inula, etc.

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