Holiday rental and restaurant in Corbara - Corsica

The Restaurant

The restaurant offers homemade family cuisine made from fresh, local produce. Industrial products (generally too fatty, too salty and/or too sweet, full of additives, preservatives, colourings and other chemical substances) are not our friends.

You will find the classics of Corsican cuisine (tarte aux herbes, omelette au brocciu, veal with olives and fresh pasta, ravioli with brocciu and fresh mint, wild boar stew), traditional charcuterie (ham, lonzo, coppa, figatelli, etc.), fresh and mature cheeses (goat's and ewe's milk cheeses), chestnut cakes, fiadone, etc. ), but also seafood (sea bream, oven-roasted sea bass and barracuda, prawn pasta), the inevitable Corsican burger in our own way, neighbouring Mediterranean influences (Provençal, such as the revisit of the Marseilles panisses, (Provençal, such as the revisit of panisses from Marseille, Italian, such as lasagne with Bolognese sauce and aubergines with parmigiana) or more distant (Lebanese, such as houmous and tabouleh) and even a few Asian influences (particularly Japanese, such as sushi and tempura shrimps), depending on the Chef's moods.

In summer, the restaurant also offers large mixed salads and charcuterie and cheese planchas accompanied by fresh fruit, dried fruit and jam.

Privatise the Patio

Outside the summer, the Patio - Casa Mucchielli offers you the possibility to privatise the restaurant during the day or in the evening, to organise an association meeting, a company seminar, an artists' or writers' residency, a wedding, a birthday or other events.

Everything is to be discussed to define together the organisation of the event. Please consult us.

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